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Vet Clinic Icons-Diagnostic Care
Diagnostic Care

Whether you come to us for your pet’s wellness exam or need a second opinion on a more advanced situation, getting to the right diagnosis is our specialty. We pride ourselves in utilizing the latest technology, along with our own knowledge and vast network of colleagues, in order to provide efficient, affordable and comprehensive solutions. Our hospital also includes in house laboratory services, high definition x-ray and ultrasound technology.

Vet Clinic Icons-Medical Care
Medical Care

Preventive and progressive medicine are practiced at a great value. Vaccine Value Days along with wellness services such as “nails and tails” help keep our pets healthy and protected. Our proactive approach to difficult cases generally results in better/faster patient outcomes resulting in savings to you. Although appointments are recommended, they are not required.

Vet Clinic Icons-Surgical Care2
Surgical Care

Elective and emergency procedures are performed on-site in our cutting-edge hospital. If your pet requires advanced surgical procedure, we will refer you to a surgical specialist locally or internationally (for our seasonal residents).

Vet Clinic Icons-Dental Care
Dentistry Care

Questions like; when and why does my pet need her teeth cleaned and how can dental problems be prevented, are answered here.  We care about sharing information in a balanced way so clients can make the right decision for your pet’s oral care.  Our team will give you the best advice whether your pet needs a toothbrush or a tooth pulled.

Vet Clinic Icons-Urgent Care
Urgent Care

We see urgent care patients on a walk-in basis. Although we pride ourselves on a short wait times for general appointments, it is important to know that urgent issues take priority.

Vet Clinic Icons-End of Life Care
End of Life Care

Knowing when “it’s time” can be an ambiguous and scary time for pet owners. Having a doctor who can provide empathy, in a non-judgmental way, while understanding your personal situation is critical to helping guide you through some of the most important and personal times of pet care.

Vet Clinic Icons-Pet Supplies Plus
Vaccine Value Day

Tuesday’s are “Vaccine Value Day” at Arizona Animal Hospital. Get caught up on your pet’s core* vaccines for only the cost of a doctor’s exam on Tuesday’s. *Core vaccines include Rabies, DAP (distemper/adenovirus/ parvo), and Leptospirosis.

Vet Clinic Icons-Additional Services
Additional Services

Additional services include laser, microchipping, new puppy wellness exams, vaccines, nail trims, anal gland expression, parasite control, travel health certificates, nutrition and MORE!

Vet Clinic Icons-Arizona Pet Threats 1
Arizona Pet Threats

Living in Arizona can bring a whole new world of health experiences for your pet. We also specialize in treating these unique threats including Valley Fever, snake bites, allergies, heartworm, cactus spines, dehydration and MORE! Call for an appointment today.

Vet Clinic Icons-Dental Care
Pet Supplies Plus

For added convenience, our hospital is directly connected to Pet Supplies Plus, a leading pet retailer and service provider. They offer a broad range of high-quality natural foods and pet products in addition to grooming services and a self-service pet wash.

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