Arizona Animal Hospital – A New Veterinary Clinic in Scottsdale

It’s time.  A new day, a new business and a new blog.  I am so excited to open my first veterinary practice after 20 years working for other hospitals and corporate entities.  It is time to take everything learned, everything gained from all the great experiences I have had over these years and create something I believe is good for pets, good for pet owners and good for our animal health industry.  Arizona Animal Hospital is our practice name. We are a full service veterinary clinic in Scottsdale serving Carefree and Cave Creek and surrounding communities.   At the foundation of the company sits the relationship between pet and pet owner.  We often call it the human animal bond.  We are here to support that bond, to strengthen it where we can and to celebrate the uniqueness of each relationship.  We hope this core value will resonate with our customers as we convey it in everything we do.  Our company logo is one such example that attempts to exemplify that bond.  Take a look at the logo and tell us what you see or feel.  I am personally proud of the effort our team made to create a simple, elegant design that from my point of view expresses the relationship we share with our pets.  The logo is part of that foundation and a point of reference in our practice theme.  This blog will try and weave such foundation into the content we share to create a consistent message and we hope you will find the overall experience to be educational, worthwhile and occasionally seasoned with a touch of humor.  Until next time – Thank-you

Brett the Vet
Brett Cordes DVM


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