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AZAH- Smelly Vet Hospital?

OK – So it is of course a vacuum and it is an important piece of equipment

in our practice.  This one is designed specifically for operating rooms,

Pharmacy and Semiconductor manufacturing clean rooms.  A true HEPA

filtration vacuum that keeps our hospital cleaner.  Our vacuum is part of

an institutional approach to facilities management we took for our

hospital.  We wanted to adopt and implement the high standards found in

other industries here at our Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek veterinary

clinic location.  The results so far have proven to keep our hospital

cleaner.  This is better for pets, better for employees and we think you

will agree.  Come and take a tour of our facility for yourself……and

please make sure you let us know if the place smells! Next week we will discuss the great product featured in the above image.

Until next time

Brett the Vet

Arizona Animal Hospitals

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