Safety at Arizona Animal Hospital


Turtleskin is a company I got to know when I needed bite protection from

rattlesnakes.  Snakebites are a threat mostly in the warmer months for

people and pets.   We wear their snake pants and gaiters to protect us when

outdoors, enjoying our beautiful Sonoran desert.  Naturally we looked to

them for protection in our veterinary hospital when handling sharps like

needles and to aid us when working with feral cats and rescue cats.  We are

thankful for their support of our industry and our hospital.  For our

friends in the industry, I have found these products to be superior for the

safe-handling of fractious ferals.  We like to talk about these things

because we take workplace safety seriously.  Its good for employees, its

good for pets.  It one part of a full on approach to make our hospital

safer, cleaner, and friendlier.  Next week we will start covering in more

detail some of the new technologies we are bringing to the area, educating

our friends and consumers, sharing our best thinking in effort to make more

pets healthier and pet owners happier.

Sticking with this weeks theme, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy

4th of July.

Until next time

Brett the Vet

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