Desert Dog Danger Alert!


Alert!  Another Desert Dog Danger Update!

Monsoon season is here and so is another desert danger we see.  The Desert

(Bufo) Toad.  They come out in this more humid weather, generally in the

evening and their numbers wax and wane every year and it seems we have a

bunch in 2015.  I remember 12 years ago it was raining toads here, or so it

seemed like.  I was enjoying dinner outside at a local Cave Creek

restaurant and noticed these large creatures encompassing the patio dining

area.  they are chubby, squatty and unseemly large, measuring up to 7

inches in diameter!  They have a deadly neurotoxin on their skin.  Curious

Canines who get a taste of this toad (Usually at night) will start to

salivate excessively and in no time can be having life-threatening

seizures.  Here is what you need to do.  First – If you suspect toad

poisoning, immediately begin to rinse your dogs mouth with water for

several minutes, diluting the toxin in their mouth.  Then head straight to

your Veterinarian for pro-active care.  The Emergency Animal Clinic on

Scottsdale Road and Williams has expert critical care specialists who know

how to handle these cases if severe.

Brett the Vet’s desert danger ranking for the Desert Toad is 4.5/5 on the

desert danger scale because these creatures seem innocuous, are a less

frequent visitor and we don’t think about them as being a threat like we do


Have Fun.  Be Safe!

Brett the Vet

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