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Week 3 – Fine tuning.
We are using the equipment and I am amazed how the new modern technology
performs.  Everything in our hospital has to perform, has to have multiple
functions, has to be efficient and safe for the pet.  We have worked hard
to ID the best of Breed products over the last 2 years that fulfill those
requirements.  Yes the costs of buying the best equipment are high, but
were are able to save time and most important, space.  This hospital
operates as efficient as my previous facility that was 4 times the size.
This significant reduction in space requirements and hence overhead allow
us to provide modern, cutting edge medicine dentistry and surgery at a very
fair price.  To close, we have invested in quality while cutting expenses
that don’t effect the quality of our service.  Last week we shared a
picture of one such piece of equipment that saves us time, space, money and
is best of breed in our industry.  It was a medical grade Oxygen

Its better than all the others being used in our industry in
the sense it produces adequate pressure (50PSI) which allows our anesthesia
machines to operate safe and optimally.  This makes it safer for the
patient.  It replaces a closet full of Oxygen tanks that over time saves
money and is good for the pet-owner.  Take a look at this next photo and
tell us what you see.  We will share the details with you next week.

Until then
Brett the Vet

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