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Arizona Animal Hospital Welcomes New Vet Tech

Week 2

Welcome back and thanks for reading.  We are making progress on all fronts
at our Veterinary Clinic located in Scottsdale Arizona.  New equipment, new
people, new pets arriving at our door.  We are fully operational
(Literally) having performed surgery and dentistry this week.  We have a
few remaining items on our list to complete that make life more convenient
and will share with you as we progress.  A big welcome goes out to our
newest team member – Alyssa, who has grabbed the bull by the horns and with
confidence has made several enhancements to our nursing/technical program.
One of the greatest things I have discovered about Alyssa is her broad
experience in handling animals.  Dogs, Cats, Birds, Pocket pets, Lizards,
Snakes, even goats!!!!  Wow!   Thanks Alyssa!  It is team members like this
that make the whole hospital better.  The sum of all the parts we have
assembled (Equipment, People and Partners) are better for pets.  We think
you will agree.  Come in and see for yourself.   On that note, I though it
might be a fun opportunity to start highlighting in our Blogpost a
photograph of a key piece of equipment that makes our place better or
different.  I hope our viewers will respond with their guess as to what the
item is and why it is important.  Here is our first photo.  What do you
see?  We will talk about it next week.

Until then – Brett the Vet

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